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Quotes I've been having neck pain due to a Cervical Herniated Disc since I got injured. My surgeon told me I should do surgery but since I didn't want to, my girlfriend found out that acupuncture might be a good alternative. After about 3 acupuncture visits, the neck pain has been better and after a few months of treatments, my neck wouldn't be in pain for weeks. I've been working harder than ever the past two weeks and my neck is fine. Before acupuncture, my elbow wouldn't allow me to pick up heavy things but now I can do heavy work and just be a little uncomfortable. Dr. Liu's a great guy and an excellent doctor. Quotes
Richard Morgan

Quotes I have trigeminal neuralgia, a condition where I have excruciating pain in the face, and for almost a year, over 10 physicians have been trying to find my problem. The pain was so bad that I couldn?t speak or chew and in order to talk, I had to hold my face. My doctors gave me the choice of either getting surgery or become heavily medicated and I didn?t want either of these options. I had tried acupuncture at a different clinic before which wasn?t effective. Since I was running out of, I decided to see Dr. Liu. After my first few treatments, the pain would be good for about a day and then start coming back. However, after an extended period of acupuncture treatments, my pain started to improve a lot and I see a potential for even more improvement in the future. Acupuncture has done more for my pain than physicians have. Quotes
Bernard D. Peterson

Quotes I have experienced an irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, and numbness and pain in my arms and legs for the past year so I decided to give acupuncture a try. Right after my first treatment, my irritable bowel syndrome improved and my migraines had lessened. Now after almost a month of treatments, I noticed great improvements. For the first time in a year, my bowel movements were normal and I almost forgot what normal was like. My migraines used to last 24/7 but now, I only get them occasionally. The numbers got better and the pain has dramatically decreased. Acupuncture has also made my depression better. The doctor is very informative and the setting is comfortable and relaxing. I would definitely recommend Acupuncture & Herbal Health Center for anyone who has experienced pain, numbness, bowel movements, etc. Quotes
Sharon McLelland

Quotes I came to Dr. Liu's office because of a presentation he did on acupuncture at Women and Infants Hospital. He seemed like a very caring doctor and showed how acupuncture could help with a lot of things. I went because my feet were hurting and numb. During treatments, I felt no pain and I wasn't afraid because Dr. Liu explained everything so thoroughly. Right after the first visit, the numbness in my foot was gone and with some more visits the pain felt a lot better. Dr. Liu is kind and gentle doctor and he listens then takes care of you. When I mentioned that one day my back was sore, he successfully treated it because he is a doctor who listens and then takes care of you. He is not a doctor who works for money but a doctor that makes money that treats all his patients like family. Quotes
Dorothy Clark
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