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Quotes The Shingles : I have been seeing Dr liu for several years on and off for back pain. So when I came down with a severe case of the shingles in my face and right eye I went to Dr lue for help. Dr liu was able to help with the pain and the neuropathy. Dr liu treated me for several weeks and most of the neuropathy has disappeared. I am now able to return to work and all my normal activities. My neurologist was amazed with the results of acupuncture, because I had the most severe case all my doctor's had seen. So if you're dealing with a case of the shingles see Dr liu ! Joe Richard Quotes
Joe Richard

Quotes Six months ago I was facing neck surgery, I had not slept for weeks. I finally agreed to try acupuncture. I was not optimistic and resigned to pain management. After a short time with Dr Liu the pain was just irritating rather than paralyzing and after a few weeks I was back to normal. Dr Liu began treating other problems such as the anxiety I have endured since open heart surgery two years ago, again after a short period of time the anxiety was completely gone. I thought I was never going to feel good again. Dr Liu is amazing! He has made my life good again, I'm 71 years old and was resigned to living the rest of my life in pain. The anxiety kept inside and depressed. All that is behind me now thanks to Dr Liu. Quotes
Michael Kelley

Quotes I came to Dr. Liu because the arthritis in my hands had gotten so bad that it hurt to even button or unbutton something. My hands even ached when I wasn't moving them. I had lost pretty much all functionality. I have only been going 5 weeks and the change is unbelievable. I felt a difference after just one week and each week they have been getting stronger and the pain has been decreasing. Now I can do most things without any pain and I can lift and open things I couldn't do before. I highly recommend this practice for those who want to avoid taking a lot of medication and want true healing! Quotes
Carol Koffinke

Quotes Dr. Liu is treating me for fibromyalgia, sciatica, and various other pain. Since I have been seeing Dr. Liu the pain in my knees has completely gone away. My restless leg syndrome is not as frequent as it used to be. Dr. Liu is compassionate and knowledgeable in his field. He takes the time to listen to what I have to say without rushing me. He answers all questions and he doesn't judge me or make me feel stupid because I have so many questions. I would recommend him to anyone with chronic pain. Quotes
Robin Bellows

Quotes Liansheng Liu has helped dramatically as had Qinghong Han (Venice /, FL) for an excruciating pinched nerve, Two other acupuncturists would not listen to me or to Qinghong Han who called Liu from Florida and gave him the positions for the needles. Incidentally I had notes from Quinghong which both of the local acupuncturists ignored. Ironically their treatments made my pain more severe. Why Liu and Han? Namely,because they both are qualified medical doctors in China. To me that is a tremendous advantage over many acupuncturists who have only the DA. Liu is talented, intelligent, and has helped me with a number of problems. His credentials are impressive. Quotes
Jules Seigel BS, MA, Ph.D

Quotes I have seen acupuncturists on the West and East coasts for over forty years. Dr. Liu is unquestionably one of the best. I came to him for help with better sleep and general energy. My symptoms began to improve almost immediately, and have continued to improve since. I am completely impressed by the way that acupuncture can address problems that Western medicine cannot even locate, let alone remediate. Dr. Liu is extremely knowledgeable, careful, and skilled. I trust his skill completely, and I get daily confirmation of the efficacy of the treatment. I wish that more people knew about the benefits available from this system of health thousands of years older than our own. Quotes
David Baldwin
Senior Citizen

Quotes Sometime early in life, I developed severe allergic reactions to all small particles (pollen/wood & plaster dust/etc.), which left me in a continuous cycle of being sick, recovering or paranoid of getting sick again. This dramatically altered my life and significantly limited the activities I could do. Through 36 years spanning 7 GPs, several ENTs/allergists, bunch of sinus x-rays/CAT Scans/MRIs and tests, sinus operation, countless OTC/prescribed medicines (antibiotics/anti-inflammatories/antihistamines/supplements) and too many ruined vacations, I finally tried acupuncture and after some research selected Dr. Liu. After 1 month of visiting Dr. Liu, I was allergy free and felt clear-headed, balanced and energetic again throughout each day. Glad to report I have neither been sick nor had an allergic reaction since starting to see Dr. Liu (~1 year now). My experience with Dr. Liu has literally been life changing. Thank you Dr. Liu! Quotes
Fred McKiernan
Allergy Free!

Quotes I am 58 recently diagnosed with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. It?s a gradual muscle degenerative disease with no current medication. All doctors have said there is nothing they can do. For me the disease has affected my legs and hips the most. I can?t feel my feet, have difficulty walking long distances, climbing stairs, getting up and out of a chair. It effects the facial muscles therefore; chewing and swallowing food are a problem. I began seeing Dr Liu 3 weeks ago with amazing results. I can feel my feet, am walking better and my balance is returning. Previously while laying flat, I was unable to lift up my legs. After 6 treatments I can now lift them up about 10 inches. He also placed needles in my tongue and my swallowing is improving. I was feeling so hopeless prior to finding Dr. Liu. He is the consummate professional with impeccable credentials. He is a very caring doctor and am grateful to have found him. I highly recommend him! Quotes

Quotes After being treated very successfully in the past by Dr. Liu for neck pain, I decided to try acupuncture for seasonal allergies, sinus congestion, sneezing, etc. I am very pleased with how it has helped me and will continue maintenance treatments if needed. I highly recommend Dr. Liu. He is honest, knowledgeable, and very professional. The office is pleasant and clean. Quotes
Maggie Z

Quotes I'm a mason for 28 yrs. past years I have been suffering from chronic muscle pulls. For the last 4 months I have been suffering bad pain under my left arm back and chest.The slightest movement or sitting would set this off. I felt hopeless depressed. I felt like this would never end. I had one visit with the doctor. Not knowing anything about acupuncture . I hoped for the best. Not in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be able to be at almost 80 percent.with no more throbbing. I'm now able to think about my life and my family. Before all I could do is take large amounts of over counter pills .I wasn't even able to think of anything but my side being in pain not even while on pain medicine. I can now stretch without pain.was using pain medication every 2-3 hrs. Now 2-3 a day. This after only first visit. I will have you know that no chiropractor or doctor could help or has helped me .. so fast as Dr.Lui has. All in one visit . Did I mention I felt hopeless . Quotes
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