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Liansheng Liu  DA., Ph.D

Acupuncture & Holistic Medical Center RI

We are proud to offer more than three decades of extensive clinical experience and authentic, high quality Chinese acupuncture service.  

Liansheng Liu DA., MD(cn)., Ph.D.

Dr. Liu graduated in 1986 from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and majoring of acupuncture for a five-year course, and an internship at First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of TCM in China. He entered Tianjin TCM Hospital as a resident for many years and finished the chief of resident. Dr. Liu applied with acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine for diagnosis and treatment various disease. He also worked on clinical practice teaching for foreign student from Germany, United Kingdom and Australia in China. Dr. Liu entered the Medical University in Japan to pursue his Ph.D. degree and was granted Japanese government scholarship awards. As a doctoral candidate, he conducted challenging projects on the effects of acupuncture analgesia for pain inhibitory pathway in Chinese Medicine meridian theory with West Modern Medicine. His study finding was published in the peer-reviewed journal of Neuroscience Research (2000). This study finding is contributed to the treatment of headache, migraine, odontalgia and facial pain for clinical application, basic and clinical research to widely cited by Pain, Headache, Brain Research and American Journal of Chinese Medicine in United States. It is also cited by European Journal of Pain and Shanghai Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion. In United States, Dr. Liu continued to research on neurodegenerative diseases and endocrinological disease; alcohol neurotoxicity for alcoholism; anti-cancer drugs on tumor treatment for preclinical experimental therapeutics; blood stem cells biology on oncology and transplantation; nutrition on bone development as well as Chinese Herbs for osteoarthritis. Dr. Liu has much more knowledge and experience in Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine and academy research. He has excellent reputation for treatment and heal the patients and available to communicate with triple languages with Chinese mandarin, English and Japanese. Dr. Liu has published on various topics studies for his over the years research such as acupuncture analgesia, cancerbrain sciences, neuroendocrine, stem cell, and pathology. Dr. Liu also holds one of the most cited publications on the suppressive effects of acupuncture with animal model for acupuncture analgesia mechanism studied in western medicine.  Please click to view the publication on Neuroscience Research.  Dr. Liu as a acupuncturist scientist effects to apply acupuncture and Chinese Medicine becoming more and more popular and served more and more people in the United States. Dr. Liu is a NCCAOM certified (National Certification) and licensed acupuncturist in Rhode Island.



 刘廉生博士, 八十年代毕业于天津中医药大学五年制针灸专业,曾在天津市中医医院针灸科从事临床工作,历经门诊和病房的实习医师,住院医师和针灸科总住院医师多年。在此期间,得到了数名天津的名老中医专家的亲授从而继承和发扬了不同风格流派的针灸中药诊疗方法并在此基础上逐渐形成了自己独特的针法,中药内服外用的方法并应用与临床实践。诊治坐骨神经疼,急慢性腰痛,带状疱疹痛,三叉神经痛, 血管神经性头痛,骨刺,骨关节炎、风湿性关节炎,以及慢性背部、网球肘,腰椎间盘突出,颈椎病,颈部和肩部疼痛各种疼痛,花粉过敏,戒烟,神经性皮炎,面神经麻痹,高血压,中风后遗症等脑血管疾病,早泄,阳痿,不育等男科疾病 小儿麻痹后遗症,小儿疳积,胆石症,痛经,月经不调,绝经期综合征,不孕等妇科以及失眠,肥胖症,美容(痤疮,去除皱纹嫩肤), 糖尿病,健忘,神经衰弱等内分泌疾病。临床效果显著深受广大患者的好评和爱戴。

刘医师曾获日本神经学医学博士学位,并在名古屋大学从事针灸治疗疼痛的神经生理生化方面研究并发表在Neuroscience Research 杂志。 亦兼职多所日本针灸病院的顾问和讲师,从事针灸科研,教学和交流活动。刘博士在美国大学的医学院,药学院和罗德岛医院继续从事医学研究涉及神经内分泌疾病,抗癌药物治疗脑肿瘤,糖尿病,血液干细胞移植,营养对骨骼发育的影响,骨关节病的中药治疗的生物医学研究。

刘博士精于传统针灸,方法独特包括体针,梅花针,艾灸, 刮痧,火罐并通晓现代医学检查和诊断,有三十余年临床经验并可以用中文普通话,英语和日语三种语言与病人交流。